Hotel Directory and Instructions

Dear Guest,

We are delighted to welcome you to Porto Vistonis Hotel! In this Directory you will find helpful information about our services as well as safety instructions, to ensure a pleasant and trouble-free stay.


All rooms have an individual Air Condition system. Use the remote control to set the mode and temperature as you wish. Please make sure no windows or doors are open while the A/C is working, as the heat will move outside.

There is no need to turn off the air conditioner when leaving the room (except if you do not need it at all). It’s more efficient and convenient to keep the room at a steady temperature rather than trying to re-warm/re-cool it when returning back to the room.


Breakfast is served, upon request, in the Restaurant from 7.00-11.00. If you wish to have breakfast earlier please contact reception. We can also offer you breakfast in your room, upon request, and we can also pack your breakfast.


Hotel staff can carry your luggage to your room.


Reception desk is open 24 hours.  In case of emergency or if you have any question, problem, suggestion or anything you would like to ask or discuss with the staff outside the reception, you can contact anytime, mobile number +30 6983196816 (viber and whats app available) or telephone +30 2541096630. To contact reception from your room dial 0.


There is free Wi-Fi internet access on the hotel.


All our rooms are equipped with solar water heater, as well as electric water heater.

Before use, check if the water is on the desired temperature, by letting the tap water run for 1-2 minutes on the hot side. If the water is not as hot as you would like, raise the switch for the electric water heater, which is found on the control panel, for no more than 20 minutes (don’t let the water run while having the water heater on). If the water is still not hot, contact the staff for help.



Common public areas of the hotel, as well as the rooms, are cleaned and disinfected everyday. Bed linen and bath clothing are also changed everyday. We also change towels if requested.



Room service is available 24 hours.



You may park your car on the parking lot (in the back yard) or in the area in the hotel entrance. Please ensure that you do not obstruct anybody. The hotel takes no responsibility for any damages and losses.


Please contract the reception staff for personal wake-up calls.


The following precautions should ALWAYS be followed for your own safety and convenience:

-Do NOT turn on, all the electric devices at the same time. Using the hair dryer, water heater and A/C or similar devices with high power consumption, at the same time, will result in electricity blackout.

-Do NOT throw water, other drinks or food at any electric device, as it will result in short circuit and possibly electric shock.

-In all of the windows inside the rooms, are mosquito nets to avoid any insects getting inside the room. Please keep the nets closed.

-There is a button with a cable above your bed or in the bathroom. This is an emergency button, so please do not use it for no reason, as it might create unnecessary stress and commotion to the staff and the other guests. Use it only for an emergency situation.

-Respect the room’s and hotel’s facilities. Everyone wants their place clean and tidy, so it’s better to help keep it that way!

For any other information feel free to contact the staff.


With respect,

The hotel's management staff